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Two-stage separation process of ground coffee beans using a vibrating screen and a centrifugal separator

Recommended Products The two-stage process for freeze-drying the ground coffee uses a 48 “Finex Separator ™ vibratory separator and a Russell Liquid Solid Separator ™ to remove solid particles from the liquid. The two-stage process ensures the complete removal of the ground beans from the liquid coffee concentrate. went into the concentrate during production.

Both devices offer excellent performance in terms of particle separation, and their use in one process provides the most effective solid-liquid separation through a simple liquid-solid separation process. The first step of the process used a 48 “Finex Separator ™, also known as a vibrating screen, equipped with a 140 micron mesh screen to pre-remove some of the water from the ground coffee. The second step used a separator to remove solid particles from the liquid. ie a Liquid Solid Separator ™ in which a 40 micron nylon mesh sleeve separates the remaining water and collects the ground coffee.

The video shows how both devices ( vibrating separator / sifters and liquid-solid separator) remove ground coffee beans from the final product, which is liquid coffee concentrate (Coffee Sifter). This concentrate is used in coffee dispensers and is considered to be the best way to quickly prepare tasty cold coffee drinks such as iced coffee and frappe coffee. The concentrate contains coffee extract, flavors and sweetener, making it extremely versatile.

The first step in the production of the concentrate is to brew the coffee. The coffee beans are mixed in large tanks with boiling water to extract the nutrients contained in the raw material. After brewing, the mixture goes to the Finex Separator ™ vibrating screen, which is responsible for capturing most of the ground beans and removing them from the brew. The liquid passes through the sieve and is directed to the Liquid Solid Separator ™, where the final separation step takes place and all ground coffee residue is removed. It is possible to set constant or variable rotations of the separator, as well as to further increase the efficiency of separating the grains from the liquid concentrate by changing the angle of inclination of the device. Subsequently, the liquid concentrate is stored and freeze-dried.

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Sita Wibracyjne

Sita Wibracyjne

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